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Magic Mr. Pooh | Vitality cookie XXL per 4

Magic Mr. Pooh | Vitality cookie XXL per 4

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A dog biscuit full of herbs

The vitality cake, a collaboration between Lisette Kreischer and Tony and Lu, is ideally suited to give as a treat to your dog friend. Make serving a party, because this cookie is really a party. Give it on a special day, as part of a vitality treatment, a few times a month or as a snack on the go. If your dearest whisker can no longer live without it, you can of course also give the biscuit every day. It is a snack that, in addition to medicinal herbs, also consists of nutritious and natural ingredients.

All in all, a super cookie for your dog, which many furry faces have been eagerly waiting for.

Would you prefer a smaller version of this delicious cookie? Then you can find it here.


Rice flour | Hemp seed | Marigold | Dandelion | Rosemary | Red Coneflower | Nettle

What Lisette says about the herbs in the vitality cake:


"Marigold gives life energy and has a stimulating, soothing and healing effect. In addition, this flower of the sun has a cleansing effect on the liver and blood. It promotes circulation, so that everything that is stuck in the body (and mind) is loosened and removed."


"Dandelion is a typical spring herb that has been praised for its medicinal effect for more than a thousand years. This plant improves the entire metabolism, stimulates digestion and kidneys, is a wonderful tonic for the liver and gallbladder and gives a boost to the entire body. "


"In the past, rosemary was considered a panacea, the herb for all diseases. This is probably due to its broad medicinal effect and accessible applicability. It stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the nervous system, promotes digestion and warms the body. Rosemary provides new life force and has an overall uplifting effect."

Scarlet coneflower

"In herbal medicine, Echinacea is known as a strong blood and lymph cleanser. As a result, purple coneflower is often used to loosen waste products in the body and help remove them. This plant therefore promotes circulation, activates resistance, strengthens the immune system and makes the dog resilient and stronger."


"Stinging nettle is a very versatile herb that is not only medicinal, but also very nutritious. Nettle cleanses, builds up, enriches with minerals, gives new life force and can help increase resistance. It is therefore not only a ticklish animal on the outside, it also stimulates from within, so that everything wakes up again and can start flowing."

In the book The Plant Pharmacy by Lisette Kreischer you can read much more about the effects of different types of herbs.

Extra information

Our cookies are vegan, wheat- and gluten-free, purely natural and incredibly tasty. In short: Super healthy dog ​​snacks without the mess, made by hand with love.

Per 100 grams: Kj: 1848 | KCAL: 441 | Protein: 16g | Carbohydrates: 50g | Fat: 19g | Fiber: 1.5g | Iron: 3mg | Zinc: 5mg | Copper: 1mg |Selenium: 8µg | Phosphorus: 679mg | Calcium: 32mg

Shelf life is at least 6 months after production.

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