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Great Enjoyment | Peanut butter with spirulina

Great Enjoyment | Peanut butter with spirulina

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Peanut butter with spirulina

Woaah! Time for a peanut revolution!

Ell's and Durk's proudly present their first peanut butter project. Great Nuts, Peanut Butter with Spirulina.

A conscious decision was made to add spirulina because of its fine properties: it can increase resistance, have an anti-inflammatory effect, increase endurance, relieve allergies and help build muscle mass.

This tube contains 65 grams of peanut butter and that is a lot of portions to enjoy.
The tube comes with a handy carabiner so you can hang it on your trouser loop, on your reward bag or on the D-hook of your belt so that you always have the tube ready. Perfect for quick rewards during agility, ideal for the vet as a distraction and easy to use if you want to use a chew-less reward and dose it yourself. Simply open the cap and squeeze. The peanut butter is quite liquid, so squeezing hard is not necessary.
The tube is reusable and easy to fill with a syringe or small funnel.

The tube is easy to clean after use: if you have run out of peanut butter and you want to fill it, simply clean the tube as follows:
- fill the tube with a layer of hot water, a little washing-up liquid and 5-10 uncooked grains of rice.
- shake this well and you will see that the peanut butter disappears from the smallest edges. Repeat if desired or use a very small pipe cleaner.
The tube contains 65 grams of peanut butter and you can refill this tube. That is why there is also a refill container so that you can refill the tube at least 4 times.
You can order them separately or as a combination deal.


Peanuts and spirulina.

Extra information

Dosage: Enjoy in moderation, with your buddy. Peanut butter is rich in good fats but can have a laxative effect if overdosed. Our advice is a maximum of 1 teaspoon per day.

Shelf life: 12 months after production.

This peanut butter is made with love in the Petisserie and is 100% natural.

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