About us


This is Tony. He was born in a shelter in Bulgaria in 2010 and lived there for the first 7 years of his life. He was considered 'not beautiful enough' in Bulgaria and in 2017 he came to the Netherlands thanks to a foundation.

I (Ellen) saw Tony's (his name was Jaro at the time) little boy and immediately fell in love. Luckily Rem (my friend) thought the same. We named him Tony, since Tony had several scars on his sweet face. So well, then you quickly think of Tony Montana aka Scarface. Tony is our great, but oh so stubborn, friend. He loves walks, chicken poop and cuddles.

Ellen Jansen cuddling with Tony from Tony and Lu, vegan dog biscuits


Measure Lu. Our little Russian Princess. This lady wandered through Russia for about 3 years and then ended up in an asylum in Moscow. She lived there for 2 years, until a foundation brought her to the Netherlands.

She first lived with another family for a while, but things didn't really click there. Lucky for us, because I had actually already fallen in love with her, but when I went to inquire, she had just been adopted. Luckily (for us) it didn't quite fit that family, so...

On January 4, 2020, Lu walked into our house for the first time. Tony loved her immediately and so did we. Lu is more than fond of cuddly toys and keeps an eye on everything and everyone who walks past from her own couch. She is sometimes still a bit insecure with men she doesn't know, but little by little, Lu learns to appreciate people more and more.

Ellen Jansen cuddling with Lu from Tony and Lu, vegan dog biscuits


Hey! I'm Ellen. Proud girlfriend on legs of these two wonderful dogs. We live in the lovely Ulft, a town in the Achterhoek. I started baking dog treats since Lu developed an allergy, or so we thought.

They had to be cookies without animal protein and without wheat gluten and without unhealthy additives. I started experimenting until I had a dog biscuit that both Lu and Tony absolutely loved.

I would like to share these cookies with your greatest friends. When you order dog biscuits from us, we would love it if you would post a review on the product page for the relevant biscuits. Nothing is more fun than reading stories about happy dog ​​friends.

And, Lu's allergy turned out not to be an allergy at all... But hey, a great company has emerged from it ;)

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Ellen gives a dog biscuit to Tony and Lu

Side kicks from Tony and Lu


I've always had a soft spot for Rottweilers. When I was little Ellen I had a friend and they had a Rottweiler there at home. I remember that the 'owner' was often very hard on that sweet dog. And I felt so bad about that, because he was such a huge sweetheart. So when I was there, I would hug the dog as much as I could.

When I saw Freddie passing by on huisdieren.nl I immediately fell in love. What a beautiful rottweiler! At least, that's what I thought. It turned out to be a super small dog that had been in a shelter for 2 years and the years before that... no idea! But look what a nice face. And Fred had a boyfriend, Roef.



Roef is Fred's best friend. We actually only wanted Fred there, but when it turned out that Roef and she were so fond of each other, we couldn't leave Roef alone. The day we met Fred, he was terrified of us. He sat down under a bush somewhere. Roef was the one who seemed to take him out from under the bush and say: "GUEST! These people are coming for you, show yourself!" Of course we immediately fell in love with Roef, so... here we are ;)



He had been in a Romanian shelter for 12 years and was looking for a warm home. When I read that, I was hooked. How could such a creature have spent almost its entire life passing by in such a place? In addition, Nico (then still Zurly) looked so much like both Tony and Lu that I naturally fell in love with him immediately. He is so open, so cheerful and such a nice cuddler. And, well, look at that happy face! You can't say no to that, can you?

Nico dog shelter

Lemmy and Poppy

Lemmy. A black sheepPoppy. A white lamb/sheep

Lemmy (black) and Poppy (white) are mother and daughter. We were able to save them from the industry and therefore from slaughter. With us they get all the cuddles, love and tasty snacks they want. And... Poppy is secretly quite in love with Tony.

Rex (the rooster) and his ladies

All our chickens come from Red een Legkip . Yes, even Rex. The ladies all come from the egg industry. They were supposed to go to slaughter, but luckily a laying hen saved them. When they arrived here they were bald and scared. Now they have grown into tough chickens, full of feathers, wonderfully curious and so very funny.

Mother chickens

Mother chicken saved from slaughter

We were able to give 4 broiler mother hens a home. They arrived as bare, pitiful, scared heaps, rescued from the slaughterhouse conveyor belt. They have turned out to be real heartbreakers. They enjoy wandering around behind you, chatting about anything and everything and we can actually pet them a bit. They roam in the meadow with Lemmy and Poppy and Poppy can't resist jumping after them. She is completely happy with her feathered friends.