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Magic Mr. Pooh | Heart cake per 4

Magic Mr. Pooh | Heart cake per 4

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A little extra love for the loyal dog heart.

This Heart Cake is enriched with rose, rosehip, hawthorn (blossom, leaf and berry) and rosemary. All plants that have proven their medicinal properties over the centuries, provide support to the heart and blood and from which Mr. Pooh has benefited greatly.

This Heart Cake is ideally suited to give to your dog friend when he/she could use some extra heart love. Give it as part of a good dose of TLC. If your dearest whisker can no longer live without it, you can of course also give the biscuit every day, because what would we do without TLC? It is a snack that, in addition to medicinal herbs, also consists of nutritious and natural ingredients.

All in all, a beautiful cake, which many dogs have already given their approval with their lips licking their lips.

About the herbs in the Hartenkoek

Rose and rosehip

The rose, praised for its beauty since the beginning of history and celebrated for its medicinal properties. The flower symbolizes the heart and love and can have a soothing effect on the body. Her bottel is a special fruit that is rich in vitamin C, among other things. This fruit of the rose is a true tonic for the heart, among other things because of its special strengthening effect.

Hawthorn blossom and berry

Hawthorn has been considered magical, sacred and highly medicinal for centuries. Because of its supporting, regulating, soothing and calming effect on the heart, it is even called 'heart herb'. In the spring it is its soft blossoms with young leaves that can contribute and in the autumn its deep red, vitamin C rich berries.


In ancient times, rosemary was considered a panacea, the herb for all diseases. This is probably due to its broad medicinal effect and accessible applicability. It can stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the nervous system, promote digestion and warm the body. Rosemary can, among other things, give new life force, have an overall stimulating effect and... support the heart powerfully, yet lovingly.


Buckwheat flour | Hemp seed | Rosehip powder | Rosehip | Hawthorn berries | Hawthorn blossom and leaf | Rose petals | Rosemary needles

Extra information

These dog snacks are vegan, wheat- and gluten-free, grain-free, made with natural products and incredibly tasty.

Per 100 grams: Kj: 1850 | KCAL: 442 | Protein: 17g | Carbohydrates: 47g | Fat: 20g | Fiber: 5g | Iron: 4mg | Zinc: 5mg | Copper: 1mg |Selenium: 6µg | Phosphorus: 711mg | Calcium: 36mg

Shelf life is at least 6 months after production.

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